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Bookkeeping Services That Help You Expand Your Business

Is bookkeeping and payroll holding you back? We’re here to change that. We offer comprehensive small business bookkeeping services that transform your business from the ground up. Get a clearer understanding of where you are today so you can see where you’re headed tomorrow.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

As your certified bookkeeper, we’re here to answer your questions, get your books in order, and support you in creating a financial plan for your business. You can trust our professionals to manage your books while you manage your business.

Enjoy More Time for Your Business

With our services, free up time spent trying to figure out your bookkeeping and use it to build a better marketing or sales strategy to grow your business. Our Advanced Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor team supports your business through professional services you can trust.

Enjoy Better Business Planning

Whether you need support to clean up your books or if your business needs long-term tax planning, our services show you exactly where you stand every month. Turn to a bookkeeper you can trust and choose Excel Bookkeeping.

Our Virtual Bookkeeping Services

Excel Bookkeeping LLC offers affordable bookkeeping solutions with the use QuickBooks. We provide a wide range of services that are tailored to meet each business’s unique needs. With our reliable, professional, and competent work ethics, you are assured that your books are handled by bookkeeping experts who utilize the industry’s best practices.

Monthly Bookkeeping

We offer monthly bookkeeping services that cover payroll support for your small business. No matter what type of monthly bookkeeping support you’re looking for, we’re eager to provide it! Once your books are up to date, we’ll design and run critical reports to help you make intelligent decisions for your growing business.

QuickBooks Setup

Whether you’re a new business owner or if you’re starting the fiscal year with a new company file thanks to irreparable file data, we offer accurate, organized, and comprehensive file setup with QuickBooks. Get the most out of QuickBooks, with help from the experts.

QuickBooks Catchup & Cleanup

Are you behind on your bookkeeping? If you’re overwhelmed by the prospect of cleaning up or catching up with your books, then let us do it for you. With our dedicated services, we will help you analyze your performance and create a plan moving forward.

QuickBooks Training

Would you like to do your own small business bookkeeping but aren’t familiar with QuickBooks Online? We can help! Our QuickBooks Training services help you understand QuickBooks workflows while saving time and money. As Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors, we provide comprehensive training to get you up and running with the software. Avoid the learning curve. Get productive. Use our training services.

Why Make Us Your Choice For QuickBooks Online Bookkeeping?

At Excel Bookkeeping, we strive to provide you with flexible and fully customized services that fit your timeline, budget, and service needs.

With over 10 years of experience in helping small business owners in multiple industries, we deliver expertise that you can rely on.

We also possess the certifications you require to run your business successfully, including Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and Certified Bookkeeper certifications. Our competitive pricing also allows your business to continue moving forward without being held back by costly accounting services.

Whether you want to be tax ready or need help freeing up your time so you can make more strategic business decisions, our virtual bookkeeping services give you the peace of mind you crave!

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Excel Bookkeeping LLC Aejal Parikh

“I feel blessed and inspired to work with Aejal. Confident and secure that my company is taken care of. EB/Aejal helped me save money too! Highly recommended!”

Uses: QuickBooks Online

Services Received: 1099 filing, Book cleanup, Small business tax



“Working with Aejal has been a very pleasant, professional and efficient experience. Excel Bookkeeping LLC goes highly recommended!”

Uses: QuickBooks Online

Services Received: Small business tax, Tax preparation


QBO Expert

“I have worked with several bookkeepers over the last 20 years as a real estate investor. Aejal is by the far the most knowledgeable, patient and professional QBO expert I have ever worked with.”

Industry: Real Estate

Uses: QuickBooks Online

Services Received: Accounting, Book cleanup, Bookkeeping, Consulting, QuickBooks consulting, QuickBooks setup, QuickBooks training

Weevil Bay

Knowledgeable, trustworthy, fantastic service!

“I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience with Excel Bookkeeping services provided by Aejal. As a small business owner, managing my finances and staying on top of bookkeeping tasks has always been a challenge. However, from the moment I enlisted Aejal’s services, my bookkeeping worries subsided. Aejal’s expertise in bookkeeping is truly remarkable. She meticulously organized my financial records and streamlined my accounts. Her attention to detail and commitment to accuracy have been instrumental in understanding my company’s performance and make informed decisions. Her monthly comprehensive financial reports have proven to be incredibly valuable. What sets Excel Bookkeeping services apart is their exceptional customer service. She takes the time to understand my unique financial needs and tailors my QuickBooks set up accordingly. As a business owner, managing a diverse array of responsibilities, Aejal has emerged as a breath of fresh air—she serves as the financial compass that keeps me on track, alleviating one significant burden from my already demanding role. Her responsiveness, professionalism, and dedication have exceeded my expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend Excel Bookkeeping services to any business owner in need of top-notch bookkeeping management. Her expertise, personalized approach, and unwavering commitment to excellence make them an invaluable asset to any business seeking organizational and financial success.”

Uses: QuickBooks Online

Services Received: Bookkeeping, Consulting, Financial reporting, Financial services, QuickBooks consulting, QuickBooks training


Very Easy to Work With

“We enjoy her kind and helpful spirit. She takes the time to explain.”

Uses: QuickBooks Online

Services Received: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Consulting

Supreme Felons

Informative, Kind, Professional

“My books are now organized and categorized thanks to Aejal’s bookkeeping. She was informative, patient and professional throughout the whole process. Greatly appreciated!”

Uses: QuickBooks Online

Services Received: Bookkeeping



“I have been working with Aejal for a couple of years now and she is very knowledgeable in accounting. She worked diligently with me to get my church books in order. Thanks for your patience and expertise!”

Uses: QuickBooks Online

Services Received: Book cleanup


Great Bookkeeper

“Aejal is terrific to work with! She really cares about her clients and the well-being of their company. Excellent attention to detail.”

Uses: QuickBooks Online

Services Received: Bookkeeping, Consulting, QuickBooks consulting, QuickBooks training

Tyies Wells

Wonderful Bookkeeper

“Aejal is amazing! Her knowledge and problem solving skills are wonderful. She really cares about her clients and doing what is best for them. If you are looking for an amazing bookkeeper you need to work with her! Thank you for a wonderful job, Aejal!”

Services Received: Book cleanup, Bookkeeping, QuickBooks training


Zoom Call

“She is a great listener and helped me understand a lot of questions I had about my business. I would recommend for any business.”

Services Received: Tax advice


Very responsive, knowledgeable bookkeeper

“I would highly recommend Aejal and her company. She finished our bookkeeping on time even though there was more work than she anticipated with a short deadline. She is very thorough and organized with the added plus of being very easy to work with. We will definitely be using her services going forward.

Uses: QuickBooks Online

Services Received: Tax preparation

East Edge Excavating

Expert at Bookkeeping and Quickbooks Online

“Aejal has been such an asset to my business. She took on a big project to clean up and consolidate my books. Since working with her I have a clearer understanding of my financial statements, revenue, and expenses. As a small business, her expertise is moving my business forward, I consider her a part of my team.”

Uses: QuickBooks Online

Services Received: Bookkeeping

V Agency

Patient, kind and professional

“Aejal has been wonderful to work with. She was able to take my finances that I had not touched for a year and organize them beautifully in Quickbooks. I finally don’t feel overwhelmed thinking about looking at my financial information. I never felt silly asking any questions and she was so patient and kind. I would highly recommend working with Aejal!”

Uses: QuickBooks Online

Services Received: Book cleanup

Enneagram with Emily

Great Overall Experience

“My experience with Excel Accounting Services has been nothing but positive. With managing my business on all fronts. I didn’t have much time nor understanding to go about setting up payroll for my company. Aejal has been wonderful as she has guided me from beginning to end in a very seamless process. Not only that, but she took the time to educate me on how I can further improve my bookkeeping. Excel Accounting Services has been a great partner for a small business such as mine.”

Services Received: Bookkeeping, Consulting, Payroll


Patient, Knowledgeable, Pleasure to Work With!

“Aejal is organized, efficient, and a reliable, responsive accounting expert! I can’t put into words how disorganized and dreadful I am at this part of my small business, Aejal went back years to straighten my books out and tax preparation. She is a pleasure to work with and I can’t thank her enough for her QuickBooks, bookkeeping, and accounting expertise! Highly recommend!’

Uses: QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, QuickBooks Payments

Services Received: 1099 filing. Accounting, Book cleanup. Bookkeeping, Consulting, QuickBooks consulting, QuickBooks setup. Self-employed Schedule C tax, Small business tax, Tax consulting services, Tax services

M3PR Marketing

Very Professional, Courteous, and Knowledgeable

“Aejal did a fantastic job AGAIN. This time she helped me move to Quickbooks Online from desktop. She showed me the benefits and walked me through the entire process with ease. She cleaned up my books and pointed out some common future mistakes to avoid. She really went above and beyond. She even handled filing my 1099s with very little help from me. Would highly recommend her and wil. continue to use her services going forward”

Uses: QuickBooks Online

Services Received: 1099 filing. Book cleanup. Bookkeeping, Consulting, QuickBooks consulting, QuickBooks setup, QuickBooks training


Very Knowledgeable in Accounting Services

“Aejal has done an incredible job on getting my online bookkeeping up to par for my business. She has taught me how to use Quickbooks online on parts that I did not understand. She stays in touch when needed to ensure everything is being recorded correctly. Very attentive to detail on every aspect of my bookkeeping”

Uses: QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Self-Employed

Services Received:  Book cleanup, Bookkeeping, Consulting, QuickBooks consulting, QuickBooks training

ToTal Power Washing and Mowing LLC

Responsive, Capable, Honest. Highly Recommended.

“Aejal is a joy to work with. She does a thorough job and has great attention to detail. No problem is an inconvenience for her. For example, she did not know the software we used (Buildium, which is software for property management and accounting), so she quickly learned how to use it for us. I can only assume that she’s even more capable with Quicken, since she’s had years of experience with that. She seems very trustworthy and has showed professionalism and integrity in all of our interactions. Highly recommended.”

Services Received: Accounting, Book cleanup. Bookkeeping